Tracks Appear On – Greta Cottage Workshop ( UK )

The World Needs Changing

Cat: GCW 19V.

Rel: 17 Apr 18


  1. Flashback Of Time (7:05)
  2. Utopia & Visions (4:34)

Bewertung: 1 von 5.


Sexy lil‘ 10″ from the Greta Cottage Workshop. Artist by name of RDMA who’s previously had around seven releases spread across a variety of labels. Here we get two smoldering downtempo house tracks, with „Flashback Of Time“ being the busier of the two with concentric acid, enveloping pad sweeps and gentle perc hits gently ushering the track forward through thick midday fug when energy levels are at their most cherished. This is perfect tackle for daytime sets in the hotter party climates…

„Utopia & Vision“ is even less focused; a jazz-coloured hi-hat pattern decorating unimposing atmospheres that wander through crepuscular flecked, tree-lined paths.